3. The Clutha ‘Accident’
Media Doublespeak

I was struck by the lack of discussion in the ‘mainstream’ media on both The Clutha and the more recent Bin Lorry ‘accidents’. There is virtually zero on both which has led to the belief that Government “D-Notices” have been applied baring any open debate on either or both of these events.

Of course, it could be self censorship, we have already seen what happens to people when they speak out sufficiently to needle the Tyrant so that it uncloaks itself:

Above the law Christopher Spivey

Bear in mind, that both vehicles involved in these accidents are paid for by YOU the taxpayer. Yet, Glasgow Council declares that they will NEVER reveal the identities of their bin lorry crew. That is very noble of them, but wait a cotton-picking-moment, who is the servant of who here???

Drop a fag end or your wean drops a sweetie wrapper by accident or otherwise on the Streets, and Glasgow council will fine you £100 and stick your name and address in the paper with no rights to justice. Be one millilitre over a single measure of spirits and the tyrant will commit perjury so as to breathalyse you and as the adverts say, they will ‘come down on you like a ton of bricks’. The implications will last for twenty years…

What The Media Should be Telling Us

As we discussed in the previous posts, The AAIB report revealed that there was nothing wrong with G-SPAO, the ‘Clutha Helicopter’. The finding was that the engines were in fact starved of fuel. The only inferences are that switching off the fuel pumps in flight could only be due to either a deliberate or totally negligent act.

Bear in mind, that all the warnings must have been ignored. Minutes before the crash, The pilot was in communication with his base, we are told of nothing untoward.

The helicopter would have waited in the air until all power was lost. Then, the pilot did not even attempt an autorotative descent/flare landing since the blades were found to be stationary on impact with the Clutha Roof!

G-SPAO then dive bombed into The Clutha at terminal velocity…

Just Look How The Press and ‘Mainstream’ media reported after the AAIB report was issued:

Glasgow Evening Times, no mention of Those Switches:

Both engines failed in Clutha helicopter crash

In the latter stages of the flight on the night of November 29, the right engine “flamed out and shortly after the left engine flamed out”, said the report from the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB)….

They would have you believe, that a strong breeze blew out both of those 634HP Arrius 2B2 engines simultaneously!

BBC News Website, Doublespeak

Clutha crash: Police helicopter engines ‘flamed out’

…The Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) said both engines “flamed out” but its report does not pinpoint the cause. Some commentators have suggested a problem with the fuel supply….

The article, does go on to say that:

…An examination of the fuel pump switches at the accident site showed that the No 1 and No 2 prime pump switches were set to the ‘on’ position but the fore and aft transfer pump switches were set to the ‘off’ position…

But, having sewn the seeds, that, it was some mystery event, why the engines “flamed out”, there is NO explanation of the implication of these switch settings, that in that position, the main tank would be disconnected, leaving the engines to suck dry the little fuel left in the supply tanks. That, the transfer pumps MUST HAVE BEEN SWITCHED OFF IN FLIGHT.

Daily Record…No Mention of those Switches…

Clutha pub tragedy: Helicopter crashed because of double engine failure caused by fuel supply problem, experts say

You get the idea….

Yet more deception

People Are Miss-Informed

I live near Glasgow, 10 minutes west on the M8. When I talk to people, they seem very keen for any information on Clutha, despite it being over a year ago, it’s still fresh in folks psyches. Most of the them know nothing about the bombshell quietly hidden in the AAIB report.

Indeed, the media has done a good snow job of miss information.  Are they intentionally miss-informing us on Clutha because of incompetence or embarrassing Human failings or is there something more nefarious??? We are quite literally, left in the dark.

The same is true of The Bin Lorry ‘Accident’

Only one paper, The Herald which has a reputation for speaking the truth comes close, indeed, stronger words in the Herald article are used than in this blog: “The error is said to be the “smoking gun” behind the tragedy”.

Unfortunately, The Herald is not really read by most ‘ordinary’ folk and in fact it does remain behind its ‘paywall’. I would conjecture, that a person who reads the Herald would be likely to illuminate himself beyond the ‘mainstream’ ; The AAIB report and it’s contents, already digested before any of these rags have been printed…


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