New Anti-Smoking Tactic

Desperate to get folk off the ‘evil weed’ Anti-Smoking pressure groups have suggested the need for a new campaign tactic. As Leading Spokesperson, for the pressure group, WEASELS the Right Honourable Lady Shaffer-Baird commented, that she had to justify her £300K a year, one day a week job with WEASELS by coming up with “stupid and annoying ideas”. Besides, as a Fake Charity, WEASELS ‘cunningly’ pushes what is really covert Government wishes in order to get those juicy donations from central office.

WEASELS under Lady Shaffer-Baird’s stewardship have in the past garnered government justification for tax hikes,one such successful campaign was persuading the public of the dangers of Irish Dancing, many dancers suffering spinal injuries, others receiving life changing accidental kicks from overenthusiastic dancing partners. Irish Dancing now earns Chancy Liar Osbourne an estimated £20 Billion a year…

The new proposed anti-smoking campaign takes a different tack away from diseased organs, dead people and mouth cancers. Lady Shaffer-Baird commented: “this new campaign with a ‘nice’ picture will be sure to make cigarette smoke stick in people’s throats”.

A Government source is reported as saying: “I’m not sure if they’ll go for this one”.