4.(ii) The Clutha ‘Accident’
Current State of Play

Independent Expert Hired

Pilot’s family hire engineering expert for Clutha crash probe. Glas Herald Aug 2014

“Tony Cable, a former senior investigator at the Air Accident Investigations Branch (AAIB) has been engaged by the legal team representing the family of pilot David Traill…”

Cable Headed the AAIB investigation of the RAF Chinook crash on Mull of Kintyre in 1994 where 29 members of the Highest Echelons of the Spookery Cookery met Their Maker. Initially, pilot error was blamed. However, as it turned out, The MOD had bought the Chinooks from the Yanks but had skimped on buying the software for the FADEC control system, getting their own written to save a few bob…Getting the picture?

This is a bit like buying a Ferrari for £400K and then getting ‘Dodgy Daves’ mechanics to write the engine management coding. It’s a bit like, only infinitely crassly incompetent and recklessly dangerous, Judge a tree by it’s fruits….

“…It subsequently emerged that the Ministry of Defence had been warned nine months before the crash that the Chinook’s onboard software system, Fadec, was “positively dangerous”. In 2011, a review of the case found the pilots should never have been blamed…”

Cable gained a reputation from this investigation of speaking truth unto power.

“…Mr Cable was critical of the MoD for witholding key information from investigators…”

Did A Fault in The FADEC Control Cause Clutha?

Clearly, The FADEC control system is a safety critical and vulnerable part of the helicopter control. All elements of the helicopters condition, engines, instruments, position, etc etc are under its microprocessor control.

Although, dual FADEC systems are built into some Helis for safety. It is impossible to legislate for one which miss-interprets it’s inputs. This is what happened in the above Chinook crash.

It is conceivable, that a malfunctioning or badly written FADEC coding, could cause a pilot such as Mr Traill to frantically attempt to flick on and off fuel pump switches. Say a FADEC ‘glitched’ and disabled those fuel transfer pumps.

Might he not try anything to get fuel back into those engines?  

Possibly.  However, as discussed previously, the EC 135 is used throughout the world and there have been no similar such accidents. Presumably, Bond, the operator of G-SPAO, unlike the above Chinook are using propitiatory software in it’s FADEC.

There are situations, where a completely strange and randomly unexpected combination of inputs can cause microprocessor systems to malfunction. For example, pressing a sequence of buttons on a vending machine and getting a ‘free’ can of coke…

Since, There has been NO mass recall of EC 135’s for FADEC reprogramming we could probably rule this out.

 My opinion is that at least superficially, it appears to be pilot error. We have the bigger picture of the accident to steer us this way.

I am also open to the belief through experience, that the illegitimate system will stop at nothing in its evil.

Where else did we see aircraft hitting buildings? I’m willing to accept that I may be wrong, Of course I am. There’s no black boxes nor voice recordings and dead men tell no tales.

Like 9/11, Suspicion must follow Clutha. There’s been no inquest and The families are being compensated (paid off?). As we have seen, the media is not being honest and ARE clearly guilty of deceptive spin and omission.

Can we see something similar with the Bin Lorry ‘accident’?

Best to you all.